Initiating The Automatic Like Feature

News 07:12 December 2019:

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Most people understand how automatic likes function plays a vital role in interaction with their followers over interesting tweets. The benefits of this feature can only be seconded by the frequent users but seem an uphill task to new tweeps. Follow these steps to do it right if you in doubt next time you log into your account.

First, identify where you want to use the automatic like. It is as simple as clicking the like button under the tweet provided by Twitter. Your followers instantly view the tweet in its original form since you cannot edit or add a comment. It is the better option if you in a hurry or you want them to see the original message too.

Take the cursor over the tweet you intend to like, and you will see ‘like’ between reply and like buttons. Click on it. Pop up will appear to confirm if it is the one you intend your followers to see. If it is the one, proceed to click on “like” button that will be at the bottom left corner. Your tweeps now see on their feeds what you have posted as a like.  The original account that tweeted it will appear in bold as yours appear to be slightly above it next to the like icon. That is the simplicity that comes with the automatic like.