What makes Snapchat quite unique among other social media apps?

News 08:12 December 2019:

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These days, Snapchat ranks higher when it comes to the most popular and most preferred social media apps. There are undoubtedly countless of reasons why it is so and some of these comprise of the realities that Snapchat’s new users rapidly grew by up to fifty-seven percent in the year 2014 alone; at present it is perceived as the most rapid growing social network; it has roughly a hundred million active users daily and over half of new users are aged over 25.

Aside from all these, users transmit over four hundred million snaps per day; nearly sixty-five percent of active users on a daily basis make new content every 24 hours; users prefer to spend an average of thirty minutes using Snapchat daily; about ten million Snaps utilize lenses every day; a full fifty-eight percent of university students are more likely to buy a certain product or service if they were sent a coupon on this app and it takes pride of its eight billion Snapchat views on a daily basis which made it a tough rival of Facebook.

Additionally, Snapchat is all about innovation and creativity. And, once you determined how to use its regular features, try to go beyond and attempt to bring in the latest ways to use the platform.